“The rules”, and my own two cents

posted on: October 12, 2014

I’ve just started reading this book by Heti, Julavits and Shapton called “Women in Clothes”, and almost at the beginning two questions are asked.

QUESTION 1: What are some dressing rules that you have for yourself, that you wouldn’t recommend to other people necessarily, but which you follow?

QUESTION 2: What are some dressing or clothing rules that you think every woman should follow?

I found these so interesting I kept dropping out of the book, as rules in clothes/style/fashion are something I think about often. Rule: You must mix high street and designer items (as though the only way to “make up for” a dress from H&M is with a pair of shoes worth a month’s rent). Rule: you must be slim to look good in clothes (and if you’re plus size, you better carry that weight in your bust and hips, not tummy or upper arms or chin or ankles). Rule: you must apsire to look either coolly French or glamourously American (casually Scandinavian might work, but only if you have pale, clear skin, straight hair, and a brightly white apartment for your OOTDs). Rule: your clothes must always be flattering (this is non-negotionable, of course).

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My skin care AW14

posted on: September 22, 2014

My skin care AW14 | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

It’s official — yesterday I had to unpack my wool tank tops, so it’s definitely autumn/winter (known in the fashion world as simply “AW”) now. With that, and this blog post by Maja, in mind, I wanted to show you how I take care of my skin nowadays. As everyone’s skin is different, let me start by explaining mine. Most of the time it’s dry and sensitive, more so in the colder seasons or when my immune system is struggling. I’m privileged in that my skin has always behaved nicely, which I credit to genes and well-behaved hormones. My face is somewhat amusing, though, with an oily forehead, but a super-dry nose that eats moisturizing masks like a greedy kitten. I’ve also recently stopped taking birth control pills, which has caused some confusion for my skin (but nowhere near as badly as I’d feared, thankfully).

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How to dress a short/petite body

posted on: September 17, 2014

How to dress a short/petite body | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Though I’ve included some tips on “how to look taller” at the end of this post, that is not my main focus in this post. With the exception of situations with a dress code (like job interviews), I no longer feel there’s a right or wrong way to dress, nor do I see the importance in always trying to look thinner and taller. What I will talk about here, is understanding the short body, how to dress various petite body shapes, tricks concerning alterations, and tips for shopping online and “in real life”.

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The evolution of a haircut

posted on: August 26, 2014

The evolution of a haircut | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Two weeks ago I spontaneously decided to get my hair cut (well, trimmed, as I’m growing out that pixie). I dropped by a local salon on my way to get groceries, and they turned out to have an available appointment right away. There aren’t any “before” pictures, unfortunately — as I said, spontaneous decision — but it was dangerously close to mullet land and without any real shape to it.

According to my track record, I shouldn’t be comfortable with spontaneous anything, much less a haircut. I’m the kind of person that creates mood boards for the hair stylist, after all. But after years and years of analyzing proportions and lines, cutting techniques and styling variations, I’m able to figure out what will suit my hair, face and style, and then explain it pretty detailed to the person doing the actual cutting. The changes I wanted weren’t complicated either, so I didn’t feel the need to research the salon and hairdresser as thoroughly as before a major change.

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How I shop for summer clothes

posted on: July 23, 2014

How I shop for summer clothes | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

When you grow up in Northern Norway, you just aren’t used to temperatures above 20°C – summers up there are beautiful, but not exactly tropical. Ever since I moved to Oslo, I’ve been trying to adapt to the fact that summers here really are summers. Sandals are no longer something I’m lucky to wear a few times during the season, but highly functional footwear. Some days are so warm I just can’t wear anything with sleeves. Considering fabrics isn’t merely something I want to do, but something I need to do to feel comfortable.

Still, each year I tend to forget that just like I need to have clothes for freezing winter days, I also need something for those sweltering summers. This year it hit that drastic point where I realized I didn’t own a single T-shirt that was appropriate to wear outside the house, so I had to hunt down something pretty quickly. As always, I had some criteria in mind.

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Packing for a trip — an illustrated example

posted on: July 13, 2014

Packing for a trip — an illustrated example | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Illustrations by me, click to enlarge

I’ll be going to my home town, Harstad, for a few weeks, and wanted to show you how I pack for the trip; happily, this also provided me with the perfect excuse to draw (by hand again!) instead of actually packing. I drew this by hand with my favourite pen (I only have a single one left and can’t find it anywhere) and various kinds of markers, because I didn’t want my brain to overanalyze everything and strive for perfection. So much fun, and much more fun than packing.

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