Outfit: Staying-in summer

posted on: June 18, 2014

Outfit: staying-in summer | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Someone requested pictures of everyday outfits, so I thought I’d start with something as everyday as it gets for me. This was worn on a very warm day, which I spent in the apartment and on our little balcony. No fancy accessories, no shoes, just a vintage skirt, a basic tank top from H&M, and black sports tape from my latest physio therapy appointment. The headscarf is “old-new”; I bought it in a second hand shop and have been playing with different ways to wear it.

Reasons why posting this gave me pause:

– no bra, which people only put on the Internet if “they” look perfectly round and symmetrical and not-affected-by-gravity-at-all. I usually have to wear a bra to feel comfortable due to my larger bust, but bras + very hot weather = ouch. This was before I found this amazing bra-like thing, which I’ll probably live in this summer.

– sleeveless: see this (update: thanks to my brilliant readers I’ve finally found the source to the illustration: Katy Welte, and have changed the link to her own website) and this.

Then I remembered that many of you wanted posts on body image, so I decided, pardon me, to hell with it. It’ll be a nice slap in the face to my own negative-thoughts-about-body-and-appearance, too, they always rear up once summer comes. Bugger that. It was hot.

How I shop for bags

posted on: June 9, 2014

How I shop for bags | from lostinaspotlessmind.com A while back Maja wrote a blog post called “how I shop for clothes“, and ever since I’ve wanted to share my own take on the subject. The word shopping itself often brings to mind someone laden down with bags, racing from one shop to the other with a whiteglowing credit card, which isn’t really my way of doing things – but still, most of us have to visit the shops from time to time, and it can be very helpful to have some sort of strategy in mind. I decided to start with bags, as, strangely enough, they’re one of those things I rarely get. Although I can appreciate the craftsmanship behind, say, a beautiful, classic Chanel bag, I don’t have such a thing for them as women are “supposed” to have nowadays. Still, I do carry a fair amount of stuff with me on an everyday basis, and it can’t all fit in my pockets, so I’m definitely not questioning the need for bags!

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Growing out a pixie cut

posted on: June 2, 2014

Growing out a pixie cut | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Ah, it’s been a lovely story, hasn´t it? From when I first became a pixie, blogged seven ways to style it, wrote about the pros and cons of the hairstyle, tried to give advice for people who consider getting one, and finally styled it five more ways. I fancy a change again, though, so I’m going to let it grow longer again. So many of the arguments against getting a pixie are something akin to “but what about when you want to grow it out? Growing out a pixie is *insert doomsday expression here*“. The Internet isn’t always helpful, either. Many blog posts out there seem to agree with the doomsday scenario, giving the impression that you need to live under a hat/headscarf for six months to look like a human being and not a vile creature resembling a 90’s boy band lead singer. This extremely popular pin is often given the description “how to grow out a pixie”, when only the first two illustrations show something resembling a pixie (after that, it’s a bob, or long hair, if you ask me).

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I wrote a guest post about my trousers

posted on: April 8, 2014

I wrote a guest post about my trousers – read it at thiskindchoice.com | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

That’s right! I wrote about trousers (or pants, if you will), which used to be my arch enemies – but no more. Click the picture above to visit Emma’s clever blog at This Kind Choice.com and read all about it.

Five (more!) ways to style a pixie cut

posted on: April 6, 2014

Five ways to style a pixie cut | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

My previous blog post on how to style a pixie cut got so much positive feedback, so I thought I’d create another one! Whether you already have a pixie or are thinking about getting one, it’s nice to know there are plenty of styling options available. The starting point for all these styles is a pixie that’s slightly longer in front and around the ears (compared to my previous post), but still very short from the occipital bone to the neck. In my opinion, the ultimate trick to styling a pixie is to think of it as sculpting, creating lines and shapes with the hair. In fact, none of the styles in this post need special accessories or tricky styling tools; I only used a few bobby pins, some hair gel/spray, and a straightening iron that’s one inch wide.

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Guest post: Emma’s pixie experience

posted on: April 1, 2014

Guest post: Emma's pixie experience, about courage, femininity and commitment | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Guest posts aren’t something I often do here; in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever done one before! But when Emma from This Kind Choice offered to write something about her own experience with the pixie cut, I knew it would be good. The biggest reason I started writing my own blog was because I struggled to find information about fashion and style that was actually helpful and could teach me something new, instead of the hundreds of articles just telling me to buy more stuff. Emma’s blog falls squarely into the first category, and it has become one of my favourites. She writes insightful and inspiring posts that always make me think, which is so rare nowadays, isn’t it? In her own words: “I want to empower you with satisfying and simple ways of creating a closet that reflects all of who you are. Your values. Your style. Your life.” How wonderful is that! This is her pixie experience, about courage, femininity and commintment.

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