Hi darlings, I’m Maria Hansen Troøyen, 27, from Norway. I studied English literature/language for a year, then music for four years, before I finally decided to become a fashion consultant. I’m now a teacher at the school that trained me, Imageakademiet, and also work as a blogger for them. I teach PhotoShop, textile knowledge, personal style, photography and portfolio development, and love every second of it.

As for this blog, it’s more about style thank fashion, and usually about personal style. I’ve developed a method for figuring out your own style, and written a series of blog posts about it, which you can find under the category Defining Style. After I got a pixie cut in October 2012, I’ve also written a few posts specifically about that hair style, which can be found here. Sometimes I also write longer blog posts about self-confidence, body image and such things, which I’ve categorized as deprogramming.

I can be reached at lostinaspotlessmind (at) gmail.com, on twitter or on Instagram, and I also try to reply to every comment I receive in this blog. Sometimes it might take a while, because life with CFS + depression + anxiety can be rather challenge. That’s fine, though, I’ve always loved a challenge. Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you’ll like it here!

  • Tone

    Fantastisk fin og inspirerande blogg! ^_^
    Lurer på om du har nokre tips for å få øyenskygge til å sitta ordentlig. Eg føler at eg har så vidt fått den på før den vert øydelagd og forsvinner.

    • Maria

      Hei Tone! Tusen takk :D Øyenskygge kan være tricky, men jeg synes det hjelper veldig med en primer av noe slag. Jeg liker MAC sine paint pots (særlig i fargen Painterly), men har hørt mye bra om Urban Decay sin primer potion også.

  • Laura

    Hi! I found your blog looking around for some fashion illustration tips. I teach sewing to to high school students and many are interested in illustration, which I am not very good at!! Love all your sketches and am adding your blog to my “favorites”. I saw the comments were in Norwegian and it caught my eye- my sister lives in Fredrikstad and has been there for 10 years… I’ve visited several times and love it :) I will keep reading your posts!

    • Maria

      Oh, thank you, Laura! How lovely that you stumbled across my little blog – and it’s even lovelier that you like it :D I’ve actually been to Fredrikstad, but only for about ten minutes to catch a train, unfortunately. I’d love to see more of Norway, perhaps go on a road trip one summer.

  • Deb

    Would love to subscribe and receive your posts to my email account. I couldn’t find a place where you had an option for this? Just thought I’d ask if you did ;) LOVE your blog!

  • Anali


    I found your site a few days ago and have read through all your archives, you have a lot of great posts. I’ll be putting you blog in my rss feeder.

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    [...] the second post of many in the series “Defining Style” written by fashion consultant Maria -who blogs over at Lost in a Spotless Mind. She has agreed to the fashion society post her pieces [...]

  • K.c.

    Hello! I stumbled across your blog when I was debating getting a pixie cut. I have a very round face so I was scared to get one until I saw your blog and the same day I marched down to hair salon and got it and I love it so so so much!!!
    Also I decided to venture deeper in the depths of your blog and I adore it so far.
    One question though, since I got the pixie cut, I don’t know if I can wear my dresses anymore without looking odd. They don’t have long sleeves they’re like a tank-top sleeve and I was just wondering if you had any clothes-related advice for my petite self.
    Thank you and I adore your blog!
    ~ K.c.

    • Maria

      Hi K.c.! Thank you for leaving me a comment, and how wonderful to hear that you dared to get that pixie (and ended up loving it so) :D In my opinion, dresses look fantastic on pixie girls, because of the contrast between the feminine garment and the not-as-traditionally-feminine hairstyle. As long as you dress with lines and proportions in mind (http://lostinaspotlessmind.com/2012/11/defining-style-how-to-dress-for-your-shape/), and in a style that makes you feel good, your hair will simply be an extention of your personal style. Good luck, darling!

  • Waleed Khalid

    Hi Maria!
    First all very beautiful name.I found your blog from google.
    You have good interests. I appreciate your work :)
    My question is that you said you teach photoshop and portfolio making.
    If i’m interested to learn so whats the condition and how can you teach me?
    One more thing lipstick suits you Alot … <3
    Waiting to listen from your side soon.
    Waleed Khalid
    From Asia

    • Maria

      Thank you Waleed! I used to teach photoshop and portfolio making at a school here in Oslo, but I resigned this spring and therefore don’t teach anymore, unfortunately :)

  • Chris Rose


    You only studied English for 1 year? That’s remarkable! I had come to the conclusion that you had grown up speaking your own language and English. You definitely have outstanding language skills – along with your other gifts. Your writing in English is so beautiful and expressive. I am very impressed.

    Chris in California

    • Maria

      Oh, thank you Chris! English is mandatory in Norwegian schools from we are quite young, so most Norwegians are at least semi-fluent in the language. My father taught English when I was growing up, so I guess I learnt even more of the language than what’s normal. He’d always make us play English word games in the car, or ask us what this and that was in English, and got me hooked on Harry Potter when I was around 11 – the books hadn’t yet been translated to Norwegian, so I had to read them in the original language, which was a great incentive to improve my skills :) I’ve been reading more books in English than Norwegian ever since, really, and I get a lot of writing practice as my online persona is mostly English. Again, thank you for your kind words!