If you were to run into me in the streets of Oslo (Norway) where I live, you’d probably find me to be a reserved, soft-spoken 28-year-old. My 50’s inspired clothes might look a little out of place. In all likelihood there would be some kind of movie soundtrack floating from my headphones. There’s a 99% chance I’d be wearing lipstick.

Once we got to talking, the conversation would often sooner or later turn to clothes, personal style and body image — this is also the point where this blog usually comes up. You’d learn that I work as a freelance fashion consultant, which means I do a bit of everything as long as it’s related to personal style somehow. Helping people out with their wardrobes is a favourite, as is teaching, writing and creating illustrations. At some point in my life I intend to make a book about the things I blog about here.

“You are succeeding where so many others fail, at showing beauty beyond what society has deemed the ideal. You are an inspiration. Not just for fashion or style, I mean that you are an inspiring person; you make people like me want to be better.”comment from tRAJENA

I believe in only buying things that are truly right for you, and that defining your own style can be more helpful than slavishly following trends. I think clothing manufacturers should make garments with more variety in body shapes, sizes and colours. I find the fashion industry frustrating in its exclusivity (as in, how it excludes people). I love the costuming aspect of putting together an outfit, how different clothes can make you feel like a completely different person.

This blog has existed in some form or other since 2008, named after two of my favourite films. If you want to take a dive through my archives, you can find it at the bottom of the page, or you can read this blog post for some of my personal favourites. Links on how to contact and follow me online in various ways are here. Thank you for visiting!




Your post made me stop what I’m doing (working) to read it properly in its entirety AT WORK… this does not happen often.” — catssaymeow

I love your fight against the notion that everything should be flattering, i.e. make you look tall and thin. I never stopped to question that before I found your blog, but now I realise how often it has stopped me from wearing something I actually felt good in, because it didn’t make me look tall and thin.” — Anne

You graduated at the top of your class even though you’ve been through the blues, the mean reds, the dark hole of depression (please stop me, I’m getting all melodramatic). You’re awesome, kid.” — Maja

I can’t tell you how much I needed this post today, thank you! I’ve been feeling better about my body lately, but going shopping for summer clothes today ripped much of my self-esteem apart. This really helped me looking at myself the way I should, and not how society wants.” — Frida

I love what you are doing with your blog, promoting style while refusing the idea that it needs to be on an arbitrarily chosen body type.” — Sarah S.

Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air and for providing some much needed perspective in a world where it is all too easy to believe that your value as a human being is dependent on a gap between your thighs.” — Eleanor