Packing for a trip — an illustrated example

posted on: July 13, 2014

Packing for a trip — an illustrated example | from

Illustrations by me, click to enlarge

I’ll be going to my home town, Harstad, for a few weeks, and wanted to show you how I pack for the trip; happily, this also provided me with the perfect excuse to draw (by hand again!) instead of actually packing. I drew this by hand with my favourite pen (I only have a single one left and can’t find it anywhere) and various kinds of markers, because I didn’t want my brain to overanalyze everything and strive for perfection. So much fun, and much more fun than packing.

That being said, I think the items I’ve chose will work well for the trip. It might be everywhere between 10° and 30°C, so I had to bring more than I usually would if the weather had been less varied. What makes it interesting is that I don’t tend to wear lots of layers, which is usually the go-to advice when packing for a varied climate. Instead I’ve chosen tops of various weights and with different sleeve lengths, and made sure I have a couple of cardigans to wear over dresses when it’s cooler outside.

As for shoes, well, I didn’t want to bring heels because I don’t like driving in them (and driving is pretty much a guarantee in Harstad as it’s a small city with terrible public transport and we live a bit outside the city). My flat sandals fell apart in Santorini, so I’ll only have my trusted sneakers with me this time. I might stumble across a wonderful pair of ballerina slippers in Harstad, but if not, the Nike’s should work with everything anyway.

Packing for a trip — an illustrated example | from lostinaspotlessmind.comWith accessories being my “style cryptonite” I don’t bring much, particularly since I don’t do many dressy things when I’m back home anyway. I need my signature “M” necklace, though, a pair of sparkly earrings, and some rings in case I feel eccentric. H&M have been surprisingly creative with their mini rings (or knuckle rings, if you like), so I’ll have lots of sparkle at my fingertips, pardon the pun.

Just because it’s fun, I also put together some outfits, just to show you how I might combine things for different occasions.

Packing for a trip — an illustrated example | from

Packing is such an interesting excercise, I think, because I’m always reminded of my absolute favourite garments that I just can’t travel without. That patterned skirt for instance, has been my go-to skirt more often than not since I bought it; there’s a post with an actual picture of it coming soon. I plonk all my favourites on the bed, then make sure I have enough tops, bottoms and dresses. I used to consider trips as a reason to “finally” figure out how to wear those lesser worn garments I had, but now I just bring my favourites and leave it at that, which works much better for me.

All in all, I think this might turn out very well indeed — now I just cross my fingers my luggage won’t go missing!

  • Xandra

    this is so cute! I’ve got Deathly Hallows playing in the background, and I have my own Deathly Hallows necklace, so I was particularly excited to see this today :)

    • Maria

      Deathly Hallows <3 I’ve grown so fond of that ring, it’s almost like a secret handshake to an awesome club.

  • Joy

    Guessing from the amount of clothes, it must be a long trip. Love your colourful combos.

  • blake

    Wow! 1) This is such an awesome packing list. I think you have everything covered! and 2) Your illustrations are gorgeous!

    • Maria

      Thank you, Blake! I’m trying to get back into illustration/drawing, and lists are both fun and practical to draw :)

  • Melissa

    Beautiful Illustrations and great combinations you’ve made :)

  • Karianne

    Flott og inspirerende pakkeliste! Jeg pleier bare å bruke Polyvore, men dette var jo mye morsommere :) Er for øvrig halvt Harstadværing selv, men har ikke vært der på år og dag….Ønsker deg en fin ferie!

    • Maria

      Takk, Karianne! Polyvore er kjempelettvint, men det er vanskelig å finne ting som ligner “nok” på vintageplaggene mine, så da går det faktisk raskere å tegne dem enn å lete i timesvis i polyvore :) Og så gøy at du er halvt Harstadværing!

  • Frida

    i usually never leave comments on blogs. But today i just had to.
    I just (as in just a few hours ago) finished HP and the Deathly Hallows (for the ??th time) – and seeing the hallows ring just made me so happy.
    I am a big believer that fashion and style should be fun and reflect your personality and interests – as this ring is a perfect example of.
    I might just have to find a piece hallows jewellery myself and let me inner HP-nerd shine through for the world to see!

    Thank you for a great and always interesting blog – where am I never in doubt as to your authenticity.


    • Maria

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Frida, I appreciate it greatly! And yes, accessories/jewelry in particular is much more exciting when there’s some kind of story behind it, I think. The HP-ring is both connected to my favourite book series, and it was also a lovely gift, so it has double meaning to me.

      Oh, and that line about authenticity is something I’ll keep with me like a precious jewel; it’s so important to me that my blog is “real” in that way. Thank you :)

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