Outfit: staying-in summer | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Someone requested pictures of everyday outfits, so I thought I’d start with something as everyday as it gets for me. This was worn on a very warm day, which I spent in the apartment and on our little balcony. No fancy accessories, no shoes, just a vintage skirt, a basic tank top from H&M, and black sports tape from my latest physio therapy appointment. The headscarf is “old-new”; I bought it in a second hand shop and have been playing with different ways to wear it.

Reasons why posting this gave me pause:

– no bra, which people only put on the Internet if “they” look perfectly round and symmetrical and not-affected-by-gravity-at-all. I usually have to wear a bra to feel comfortable due to my larger bust, but bras + very hot weather = ouch. This was before I found this amazing bra-like thing, which I’ll probably live in this summer.

– sleeveless: see this (update: thanks to my brilliant readers I’ve finally found the source to the illustration: Katy Welte, and have changed the link to her own website) and this.

Then I remembered that many of you wanted posts on body image, so I decided, pardon me, to hell with it. It’ll be a nice slap in the face to my own negative-thoughts-about-body-and-appearance, too, they always rear up once summer comes. Bugger that. It was hot.