Outfit: Staying-in summer

posted on: June 18, 2014

Outfit: staying-in summer | from lostinaspotlessmind.com

Someone requested pictures of everyday outfits, so I thought I’d start with something as everyday as it gets for me. This was worn on a very warm day, which I spent in the apartment and on our little balcony. No fancy accessories, no shoes, just a vintage skirt, a basic tank top from H&M, and black sports tape from my latest physio therapy appointment. The headscarf is “old-new”; I bought it in a second hand shop and have been playing with different ways to wear it.

Reasons why posting this gave me pause:

– no bra, which people only put on the Internet if “they” look perfectly round and symmetrical and not-affected-by-gravity-at-all. I usually have to wear a bra to feel comfortable due to my larger bust, but bras + very hot weather = ouch. This was before I found this amazing bra-like thing, which I’ll probably live in this summer.

– sleeveless: see this (update: thanks to my brilliant readers I’ve finally found the source to the illustration: Katy Welte, and have changed the link to her own website) and this.

Then I remembered that many of you wanted posts on body image, so I decided, pardon me, to hell with it. It’ll be a nice slap in the face to my own negative-thoughts-about-body-and-appearance, too, they always rear up once summer comes. Bugger that. It was hot.

  • tine katrine

    så fint kjørt!

    (googlet litt raskt, noe du sikkert alt har gjort, men kan dette være kilden? http://katymonster.tumblr.com/post/47793152873)

  • Daria

    I think you are gorgeous and have nothing to worry about. And I really, really like your skirt – it’s so cute. :)

    • Maria

      Thanks, Daria! The “reasonable” part of my brain isn’t particularly worried about this, really – I’ve even “arrived” at that point where I’ll leave the house in a sleeveless top without a second thought. Still, there’s something about putting things online that makes things a bit scary again :p But thank your for your support, I’ll keep that in mind next time I feel self-conscious about posting something on the Internet!

  • Nicole

    Jeg sliter jo heftig selv med sleeveless-bilder av meg selv, men i 99% av tilfellene er det heldigvis kun vi selv som legger merke til sånt :) jeg synes i alle fall du så kjempefin ut! Og kunne ønske jeg så sånn ut braless! Uten bh, ser jo jeg ut som en dude med manboobs, haha :p

    God sommer! :D

    • Maria

      Ja, heldigvis! Det finnes jo så mange andre, bedre ting å fylle hodet med. Og ang. bh/uten bh, så handler det vel like mye om hvordan det _føles_, enn “bare” hvordan det ser ut. For meg føles det rett og slett “tungt”, og da blir gjerne bildet man har i hodet påvirket av det også.

      God sommer til deg også :D

  • berit

    What do you mean you are wearing no bra? Are you sure? o.O They look perfect to me!

    • Maria

      Haha, your “smiley” made me laugh out loud (yes, literally). No bra, really – but as I said to Nicole in the comment above yours, I think how we feel about our own breasts have as much to do with how they _feel_ as to how they actually look. Experiences such as not being able to buy a bra in “regular” shops, not finding shirts/cardigans that button up properly, pains when running/walking in stairs etc., all these things affect our mental image. Not to mention that “pencil test” that magazines are so fond of telling us about (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pencil_test_%28breasts%29), which is just bad in so many ways. Oh, your breasts can make a pencil defy gravity? No superhero cape for you, just the order that YOU MUST WEAR A BRA AT ALL TIMES OR ELSE.

      I think one of the reasons I even mentioned not wearing a bra here, is that we just don’t often see non-bra’ed breasts online, unless they’re either following the “norm”, or are sexualized in some way. The more we see the variety of breasts (and bodies) that actually exists, the less attention we’ll pay as to how our own differ from the “norm” – because there won’t be a norm! That a tumblr post like this (not safe for work, shows naked breasts) should feel so radical, is really absurd, but when I found it I felt like applauding: http://baretobush.tumblr.com/post/67379186963/how-breasts-can-look-a-little-while-back-i-made

  • berit

    I am not sure why I never realized this before but the artwork on the side is yours! I love it!

    • Maria

      Yes, it’s mine! You can even click them for larger versions, if you want to pin them or use them as a digital wallpaper or something :)

  • Silja

    I wish my boobs looked like that without a bra! Haha. But really, it’s splendid that you do “your part” in normalizing different-looking bodies (aka the ones you usually don’t see in magazines). Bravo.

    • Maria

      Do remember that I’m posing for a camera here – they don’t look like that no matter what I do! And thank you, I think it’s a simple, but effective way of fighting that one-sided image of bodies we find in most media today.

  • Bonnie

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! You look much more stylish than I usually look on my stay-at-home days – in my case such days usually involve pyjama pants! It is lovely to read refreshing, genuine articles and see photos of someone who looks wonderful in their own way, without photoshop or hours spent in preparation. I definitely think my thoughts about body image and appearance have changed for the better over the years I have been reading your wonderful blog :)

    • Maria

      Oh, my lazy days definitely involve pajama pants – I’m even wearing a pair right now ;) Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!

  • Hanne

    I have to say ditto @Bonnie – on my stay at home days I don’t look nearly as stylish. It’s usually a big t-shirt and pyjamas pants, or when it’s very hot: that same big t-shirt and nothing else, laying in front of my fan with a book or something :)

    Those basic tank tops from H&M are the best btw. I have to go pick up some myself these days. And yes, sleeveless and fearless! If fat girls (or people that aren’t fat but still think their arms/thighs/other body parts are disgusting) are following every ridiculous rule for how we are “supposed” to dress we’ll never be comfortable like we deserve + those rules were made by some insecure horrible person that wanted to spew their venom on everyone else. It’s those people making hateful comments that should be ashamed, not us.

    • berit

      Very true Hanne. My dress today is not only sleeveless but also has ruffles along the bust even though my chest is already large *gasp*


    • Maria

      As I said to Bonnie, there’s definitely a heavy rotation of pajama pants in this apartment as well! That being said, I’ve been trying to replace my _truly_ sloppy clothes with things that are both comfortable _and_ nice in some way (colour, fabric, pattern, cut). I spend so much time in these staying-at-home-clothes, since I’m not 100% well, so depressing clothes would only make me, well, depressed :p

  • Siobhan

    Hi Maria! Just want to let you know how much of a GODDESS I think you are. I wish I could look like this every day! I live in Australia, so I guess I’ll while away the winter keeping an eye out for skirts like this one.

    I came across your blog (probably in the way many others have) because I was googling ‘pixie cuts’, and there you were, a shining beacon for pixie cuts on girls who don’t have the ‘delicate’ and ‘fine’ features that magazines say you should have if you want a pixie cut. You have bold yet gentle features, and a bold yet gentle mind. I love your goals, and I love your blog.


    • Maria

      Darling, you’ve got me blushing here (and I’m not just saying that because it looks good on the page). “Bold yet gentle” might be the most awesome description of myself I’ve heard in a long time, thank you so much, Siobhan <3