I cut my hair

posted on: October 2, 2012

I’d thought about it for a few months. Actually, ever since Cookie and I started watching Once Upon A Time, and I saw Ginnifer Goodwin and her gorgeous pixie cut. Pros and cons were written, short-haired girls were studied on the subway (though there are surprisingly few of them nowadays), online makeover sites were perused. In the meantime I tried to really take advantage of my almost-long hair – you know, curling it, creating fancy hairstyles, flicking it around… but mostly, it just felt wrong. Wrong and utterly boring.

I’ve actually had hair this short before, when I was around fourteen. It was spiky and a very warm brown and pair with depressingly over-plucked brows and shimmery eye shadow, which made it very hard to picture me with a flattering short style. That might also be why, when I told them of my idea, so many of my closest ones seemed sceptical at first. I could practically see the struggle in their head. On one hand, I think they generally consider me a smart person, and a rather well-studied one when it comes to personal style. Still, that fourteen year old me must have loomed in the air like a ghost, so I can’t blame them for hesitating to cheer me on. I’m hoping this blog post will win them over, though!

One day, after having showered and dressed and made me up as usual, I went into Cookie’s room and said “now, imagine this, but with short hair. Won’t it look better?” The more we discussed it, the more we agreed on a loud YES. So I did some online research to find a hairdresser here in Oslo, a task I’ve been postponing ever since I moved here. I trust forums more than blogs when it comes to these things (not so strange, perhaps), so I finally settled on THERESESGATE 35, a salon with just an address as a name, and a very minimalistic website. Still, their online reputation was stellar, and their stylists are regularly consulted by magazines such as Norwegian ELLE and Stella, so I decided to give it a go. I contacted the salon and was recommended Silje, as I wanted such a drastic change and she was good with short hair.

You know me, though, I’m very much a believer in thorough research and preparation. So I created the mood board above, illustrating both what I wanted and what I definitely didn’t want. It was really important to me that the result would be soft, feminine and curvy. Anything hard, spiky or… well, cool, would bring me right back to fourteen year old Maria.

Fortunately, when I got to the salon (which is lovely; light an airy and relaxed), Silje seemed to be a bit of a mind reader. Honestly, she’s probably the best hair dresser I’ve ever tried, and she’d never even seen me before. She completely got what I meant with “soft and feminine”, and appreciated that I’d also brought pictures of what Ididn’t want, as it made it much easier for her to understand me and my style. She even found a shampoo without SLS when I asked, and, oh yeah, was drop dead stylish.

As she snipped away, and more and more hair fell to the floor, it was all I could do to keep from screaming “Huzzah!” at the top of my lungs. It just felt so completely and utterly right. I left the salon feeling prettier than I’ve ever done, and that feeling has lasted ever since. Contrary to popular opinion, I feel more feminine and sensual than I did with long hair. Perhaps because there’s nothing to hide behind now, it’s just my face and my body and that’s (almost) it. It has also forced me to overcome that silly complex I had about my chin area, so it’s good news all around.

It’s funny how much a haircut can do, isn’t it? Do tell me: am I reader-approved?

  • Maja H

    I knew you’d look amazing because really, when do your style decisions ever leave you un-amazing, but WOW. It looks even better than I imagined. Thumbs up, touchdown, home run and WOW. Perfect, just perfect.

    • Maria

      Thank you, darling! It’s even better than _I_ imagined it, so there’s puppies and rainbows all around now.

  • Egwene

    It looks absolutely amazing on you! When I saw the picture on instagram my mind was like “this is so her!” and it was right away hard to imagine you with longer hair (even though your long hair is fabulous). It’s a brave decision to cut off all the hair, and it looks so so so good!!

    • Maria

      You know, I also think that when I pass a mirror now: did I ever really have long hair? And why, when this looks so much better? I’m glad you agree :D

  • Sigri


  • Kristin

    100% approved! You’re gorgeous :D

  • Ida

    Wow! Fabulous and very brave. From the pictures I have seen of you on your blog, you look like a better version of yourself – which is what I, at least, am aiming for when getting a new haircut (and so on). The pixie suits you just as brilliantly as it does Ginnifer Goodwin (oh, and according to the hair related knowledge that I have gained solely from makeover episodes of America’s Next Top Model, a pixie is not something everyone can pull off ;-)).

    • Maria

      Haha, it’s amazing how those makeover episodes just… burn into one’s brain, isn’t it? I couldn’t agree more on that whole “better version of yourself” thing – this feels so much more like ME.

  • Hilde

    Wow, that’s different! I love it! :D

    • Maria

      It’s very different indeed, I keep reaching up to pull my hair out of clothes and such, only to find there’s nothing there any more. Can’t say I miss it for one second, though :D

  • Charlotte

    Du ser fantastisk ut! WOW! Det kledde du virkelig.

  • Trajena

    You look so beautiful. I am honestly in awe.

    I’ve always envied women such as yourself and Ginnifer Goodwin who are able to look so soft and feminine with short hair. I had a horrible experience with short hair as a child (it wasn’t even that short, it was a bob) as well as being used to having very long hair, so I’m quite frightened by the idea of such a drastic change (I can’t remember what my earlobes LOOK like).

    I admire you so much for going through with the cut. You look so incredible and it’s obvious that you love it. You are glowing in your photos and just the sight of that radiant smile is making one grow on my own face.

    Enjoy dearest!

    • Maria

      Oh, you and your wonderful comments – thank you so much! I find this to be an interesting challenge when it comes to styling, both HAIR styling and styling myself in general. A post about this is on its way :)

  • Marii

    you are definitely reader-approved, you look gorgeous (and more gorgeous, even) as ever.

    i actually got my hair cut into a pixie cut myself a week ago, after thinking it over for, let’s see, one night, and snip, snip, there it went, 10″ of pretty, black curls, gone and all that was left was.. FREEDOM.

    can you also tell, that once you’ve taken the step (or have at least thoroughly considered to take THE step), you can’t seem to find anything spectacular or interesting about long hair? that’s how i experienced it.

    oh and least but not last: i also adore Ginnifer Goodwin. high-pixie cut-five!

    • Maria

      *pixie cut high five*

      I feel like we should start a club or something! I completely get what you mean by FREEDOM. That’s just how it feels – and yet when I try to describe _why_ to any of my long-haired friends, I can’t really find the words. Guess it’s just a feeling, really, and I love it :) And yes, I also struggle to see why long hair has to be the “standard”. I get that it represents femininity and all that, but I feel so much more like a girly girl now than I did with long hair.

  • Ingvild

    GORGEOUS!!! <3

  • Sophir

    Ja! JA! Superelsk på det siste bildet ditt. :)

  • tine katrine

    Så fint det ble! Og så godt å gå ut av en frisørsalong og være superfornøyd! Ikke ofte det skjer, hehe. Har selv hatt så kort hår, kanskje til og med kortere, og de fleste mener jeg kler det best…men jeg vil ha langt! Bare dumt det ser ut som om håret mitt ikke liker å være langt, blir bare masse floker og tull og strev, og tar alt for mye energi å holde i sjakk…så det frister veldig å bestille en frisørtime!

    • Maria

      Noen ganger er det nesten umulig å bestemme seg for hva man vil gjøre med håret sitt. Erfaringen min sier at det er best (i alle fall for _meg_) å bare vente. Hvis jeg er nok desperat etter forandring, så greier jeg til slutt ikke la være å tenke på det – det var sånn denne frisyren skjedde ;)

  • J

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more pictures :)

  • myldretid

    Jeg hadde langt hår for ett år siden, og merket at ikke likte det. Jeg gjorde aldri noe morsomt med det, det var bare i veien, og da gikk jeg til frisøren og klippet det til skuldrene. Ikke like drastisk som din klipp, men likevel veldig befriende!

    • Maria

      ikke sant det føles bra? Jeg liker også veldig godt å ha skulderlangt hår. Av en eller annen grunn gjør jeg mye mer morsomt med det da enn når det er lengre :)

  • Shelby

    I love your hair! I just grew mine out, but have been wanting to cut it again. I stumbled upon your blog about a month ago and I absolutely love it! It has really gotten me thinking about my own personal style and how I want to define myself. I’m thinking of starting my own blog actually. I think we share a similar body structure which I have personally found difficult to style and your posts have helped immensely. :) Can’t wait to see more of your hair–definitely reader approved. :)

  • Martina

    I agree with everything said above. Besides, your eyebrows look INCREDIBLE now.

    • Maria

      You know, I don’t think I would have gone for the pixie if it hadn’t been for my growing-out-those-brows-project. There’s no hair to hide behind now, so it feels like my brows finally get to show off properly ;)

  • Ingvild

    So cute!! Wow, not very many people do fit short hair, but you look lovely! :)

  • Frøken Barmen

    Super-super-superlekkert! :)

  • Ammu

    You look fabulous!

  • Rachel

    What an amazing coincidence though. I just gave my hair the chop just a week ago too, and got a short crop myself too. Feel so different. so strange, but so good!

  • Eva

    Det første jeg tænkte var “Ginnifer!”. Hun er en af de få kvinder sådan en kort frisure klæder, men den klæder godt nok også dig godt! Det er blevet super fint og feminint! og man kan virkelig se hvor glad du er for det! Super flot! :D

  • Lydia

    Oh I’m so in love with your new cut! Certainly reader approved. I’m really feelin’ the idea of your mood board.

    I’m also thinking of getting a pixie cut right before graduation (Longish hair for prom would be nice, but a start fresh for college).

    • Maria

      A fresh start is just what one needs sometimes! I’m working on a post about the pros and cons of the pixie, perhaps that can be helpful :)

  • Annette


  • Lunaday

    I remember having my hair cut short when I was around 14 as well and I hated every moment of it! I love pixie cuts but I just can’t see myself having one, when I cut my hair shorter I always have problems styling it and pixie for me looks like high maintenance cut (because of the way my hair looks). On you it looks amazing, I wish I was so brave, you look fresh and polished.

    • Maria

      I’m quite lucky as my hair type works so well with this cut. I don’t think hair should be a struggle (there are enough of those anyway), so knowing how your hair behaves makes it easier to avoid mistakes. A lot of you guys have commented on how this was brave, and sometimes I _do_ feel like that, but it mostly felt so right it didn’t require much bravery – if that makes sense?

  • Hanna

    You look absolutely fantastic!
    I find this post quite funny, though, because I’ve just gone through the exact same process. I started watching once upon a time as well, and really adored Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair. A month ago or so, I got the exact same haircut as you do now. I was terribly frightened of ending up with spiky hair, but in the end, I coudn’t be more content.
    Soft pixies are underestimated!

  • Rapunzel

    Du ser helt fantastisk ut! Veldig femenin og veldig Hot! og fra min side, veldig Fransk <3! Wow.
    Det er nesten slik at Rapunzel må hente stekepannen sin, bruke den for hva den er verd og låse deg inn i skapet for å bare ha en veldig fin ting inni der.
    Skummelt, men sant.

  • Suburban Style Challenge

    LOVE! This makes me want to go pixie short again, even though my hair is touching my shoulders for the first time in about 6 years!

  • Joana

    Hi, Maria! I just wanted to say I love your hair! It really looks like Ginnifer’s! Last year in February I cut my hair into a pixie too. I had long hair, so it was a big shock to my friends. Most of them told me not to do it, but I didn’t care. I did research for over a month and decided on a haircut similar to Ginnifer and Michelle Williams. I felt very feminine like you said, even with short hair. It has been a year and the length of my hair is just stupid. Not short nor medium. My friends told me not to cut it again. But I want to, however I’m afraid I might regret cutting it again :/
    Well, the point was just telling you how pretty you look and how the pixie cut suites you :)

    • Maria

      Hi Joana :) Thank you for sharing your hair story (I love reading those!), and for your compliments! It’s so interesting how so many pixie-converts seem to feel the same way about it. It has gotten to the point where if I see a girl with a pixie on the street, I instantly feel like we’ll have a lot in common. No offense to long-haired girls, of course, but still, it’s a little bit like a sisterhood of pixies :)

  • Megan

    I absolutely love it!!! This summer I got the exact same cut after obsessing over Ginnifer Goodwin in “Once” as well.

    Hail to the pixie! Can’t wait to check out your styling post next.

    • Maria

      Yay for both of us! I can’t help but wonder exactly how many pixies Ginnifer has inspired. Probably a lot – and no wonder :D I hope you found my styling post (http://lostinaspotlessmind.com/2012/10/how-to-style-a-pixie-cut/)?

      • Megan

        I did! Actually I’m quite head over heels with this whole blog. I love your style tips, your outlook. (Your style post regarding cleaning out the wardrobe will be soon applied to my closet). But what really struck me was this post: http://lostinaspotlessmind.com/2012/11/you-look-so-slim/ .

        You know, lots of people say “size doesn’t matter”, or that we need to stop letting our media define our self esteem, but reading your words on the subject was the first time I’d ever really believed. I myself think my body shape is healthy, with a marginal few pounds of improvement here and there, but I am keenly aware that I do not match the modern, shallow definition of beauty. But your post was the first time I really thought that I could get to a place where I am comfortable with my own definition of beauty.

        So, bravo! And, I’m in love with your whole style and can’t imagine how this site has escaped my notice for so long!

        :) Megan

  • Sarah S.

    I actually found your how-to-style post while doing research for getting a pixie cut of my own, and yours was one of my inspirations. Now, three days after chopping off a huge majority of my hair, I still love it, and now I’m just glad that I have some options! Hooray!

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  • Bobbi

    Eek! I’m going to get one very soon (I’m eleven and my dad will take me when he’s ready) and my hair is (ahem) boob length. I will miss it plenty. So many people complimented it but this time I’m going to chop it off. I love your hair!!!

    • Maria

      Oh, I hope your hair turned out the way you wanted it to, Bobbi! And welcome to the pixie club :D

  • Laura

    You look amazing!
    I’ve been thinking of getting a pixie cut for quite a while now, but I’m still not completely sure since I have curly hair, and I have no idea how that would turn out.

    • Maria

      Thank you, Laura! If it’s any consolation, I’m wildly envious of naturally curly hair, and am currently doing everything I can do enhance/encourage the slight natural wave I have in my own hair :) curls are beautiful!

  • Nicole

    Your post was the most helpful thing I have read on the internet regarding pixies. You are simply gorgeous, and reading your well-rounded opinions has really given me confidence to get a pixie myself! I have always had long, thick hair that I scrape into a ponytail or bun, so now I want to try something new and fresh. :)

    • Maria

      Hurrah! One of my strongest incentives to write this post was how the Internet is so very unhelpful when it comes to pixies. It’s all “you absolutely must be slim and elfin-like and adorable, or you will look like a moose and hate your hair for ten years while it grows back”. Very unhelpful indeed. I’m glad you found my post useful, and good luck on that haircut :)

  • Mary

    Okay I just had to comment because your hair is ADORABLE, for one, and also I’ve been dying for a pixie cut ever since I started watching Once Upon a Time too! I’ve been told by some people that I shouldn’t get it because I’m not “skinny” and whatnot, and that “your face might look weird!” but you are my final inspiration to just go for it and take the plunge, because I am loving it. I’m waiting until I’m back in my hometown with the stylists I know, but I’m definitely doing it now and I am so excited! Thanks for the inspiration, you are stunning. :)

    • Maria

      Haha, thank you, Mary! It’s funny how so many people have very strong opinions about the pixie, and yet they’ve often never tried it themselves, or even know anything about hair/proportions/styling at all. I hope your pixie becomes everything you hoped for :)

  • Krista

    I want to do this so so bad, but I am terrified that it will look horrible on me :/

    • Maria

      Then I suggest you simply wait – if the thought of waiting makes you go “but I don’t want to wait, I want that pixie NOW”, then you are more than ready to give it a go. If not, then just wait. Eventually, you’ll either decide that you don’t want that pixie after all, or you’ll want it so badly you simply HAVE to do it ;) After all, you’ll just never know until you try it. It IS scary, but it’s also such an exhilarating feeling when all that hair falls to the ground. Good luck, Krista!

  • Randi

    I’m fourteen and have medium/long light brown straight hair. It’s very healthy and pretty and my sisters are just jealous. BUT! I am going to get a pixie todaaaaay!!!! I have been researching for about a month and i am going to get one like Anne Hathaway (with the longer bangs) and Jennifer Lawrence. Because I just read this page and you said you had a bad haircut at fourteen I am starting to feel nervous. Wish me luck! (oh, ,and love your blog by the way.) :)

    • Maria

      Hi Randi (you have the same name as my mother, by the way)! I hope your hair cut went well, and that you’re happy as a pixie now :D

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