About a month ago I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens, the black 1460s with 8 eyelets, and I’ve been stomping around in them ever since. At first rather painfully, I must say, because I have super-tricky feet (very wide and flat-footed) that basically don’t like any shoes. Dr. Martens’s are a bit notorious for being hard to break in as well – as the leather is pretty thick, it can be stiff and a bit uncomfortable in the beginning (although you might be lucky like Maja, who didn’t have any problems with hers at all).

The pros: they’re (now) extremely comfortable, can handle wet weather, work with both pants and skirts, and generally make me feel like the little almost-cool-musician I was a few years ago. The cons? Well, they can feel a bit expensive, especially if you’re used to buying more budget-friendly shoes. Still, if you think of the cost-per-wear, and how quality items can last many years, I decided that for me, it was worth it. Which leaves me with the second con: the stomping factor.

Imagine a stereotypical Dr. Martens-wearer. I’ll bet (s)he has a thing for well-worn denim, band t-shirts and lots of eye makeup, am I right? There’s just something about those shoes that begs for coolness, and as you all know by now, that’s not really me. And probably not all of you guys, either. So, I wanted to play around in Polyvore and show how I would… class it up a bit. Some tips:

– being well-groomed in general, and with great hair in particular. I know all my examples feature pixie cuts; I’m just so in love with my hair nowadays that I couldn’t resist!

– quality fabrics that hang nicely. When you’re young and reckless, you can’t usually afford/be bothered with nice wools or rayon jerseys or slippery silk, so “adult” fabrics always provide a luxurious touch.

– simplicity in most things, but especially shapes and silhouettes.

– natural makeup, perhaps with a statement lip.

– items with a single colour are better (for this purpose, I mean) than prints. Colours in general are excellent, though, as they prevent us from veering into goth territory with an overload of black.

Finally, remember that even though we’re aiming for classy, we don’t want boring. The secret is to find and wear items that have a sort of quiet confidence, rather than those who shout LOOK AT ME.

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