How to style a pixie cut

posted on: October 26, 2012

How to style a pixie cut | from

For those of you with already short hair, I wanted to show how I style my pixie cut, in case you’re in need of some inspiration. For anyone out there thinking about chopping it all off, hopefully this post can demonstrate how versatile such a cut can be. And for you lovelies with long hair: here’s what your’re missing out!

Style 1 (above)

Air-dried hair from yesterday, slept in, then blasted with some dry shampoo for texture. The lipstick is 190 Atomic Pink by Maybelline. I like the “pixieness” of this style, but I think it needs some oomph, like a bright lipstick or a wonderful dress.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 2

The-scarf-as-a-headband, which is good for days when you wish you could hide behind your hair. It also says “fashion” rather well if you team it with an eccentric outfit. My scarf is second hand, the lipstick is the same as above.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 3

Curled very randomly with my Babyliss 2360e curling iron – it’s 13mm in diameter, which means it can curl even very short hair. After letting the curls cool for a few minutes, I add some L’Oréal studio remix styling paste, and just mess it up a bit, keeping the deep side part I always have. That hair product is brilliant, by the way, I use it almost every day. In Norway you can get it in normal grocery stores, and it doesn’t weigh my (very fine) hair down. I even used it when I had long hair, to make it less “slippery”.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 4

The almost-mohawk. I start the same way as the previous style, but instead of keeping the side part, I pull all the hair on top of my head and then forwards over my forehead. The fringe is supposed to create sort of a V-shape. Excellent for days when you need to feel brave/bad-ass/dangerous.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 5

More dressed-up and a bit avant garde when paired with dark lips (mine are MAC cremesheen in the colour Hang-Up). Curl, pull towards one side of your head, then add giant flowers. These ones are from H&M. They can be found in a multitude of colours, so make sure to pick one that suits your skin tone.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 6

The boater. I own four hats, I think, but I never wore them much when I had long hair. There was almost like a curtain of brown hanging down from the hat, obscuring my neck completely, but with short hair my neck looks longer and more delicate. The boater is my favourite, because it’s so very French. Can also be worn with straight hair, of course.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 7

In my mind, this is Emma Watson hair; sleek, simple and with a deep side parting. I love her look from the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, so I often pair it with dark eye makeup. If not, I’ll put so much mascara on my bottom lashes that they clump a bit together, like above. Add some classy earrings (I borrowed them again, Cookie, please don’t kill me), and keep your outfit simple. The whole point is to let your face and personality be the focus.

How to style a pixie cut | from

Style 8

A hairstyle to make Spike proud. It’s super-simple: just wet your hair, add lots of gel (I like L’Oréal Studio Mineral FX Invisi’Gel), blow-dry while flattening everything backwards, then add more gel and slick it back even more. When the hair is so masculine and not-there as this, I prefer dramatic eye makeup; this is the shimmery grey colour from Sleek’s Storm palette (which is bloody brilliant, by the way).

I know I talk of nothing else these days, but I really do love having short hair.

UPDATE: See five new ways to style a pixie by clicking here!

  • Hanna

    Oh my god, thank you so much!
    I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, but the internet definition of “short hair,” seems to be shoulder length.
    Ahh, this is amazing.

  • Ingvild

    Ohmygosh!! Nummer 7 – helt fantastisk nydelig!!! Du er så fiiiin <3

  • Cindy

    Du e fin^^
    Likte spesielt godt håre dett på d første bilde å når du hadde d Emma Watson -akti:)

  • Julia

    You’re so, so beautiful with the short hair!
    Especially the last one: I could not imagine this to work on anyone, but you make it SHINE!

  • Trajena

    Super jealous here!

    I’m actually quite surprised by the diversity of your hair styling. Go you!

    I think the boater hat, Emma Watson and scarf looks are my favourite, with the giant flower and others getting honourable mentions. :) Enjoy that haircut darling!

  • Maja H

    I still can’t get over how terrific that hair cut is on you. Best chop of the year, if there ever was such an award!

    If still a little bit bitter about not getting to see it “live” so to speak, but I will get over it ;)

  • Sigri

    Emma Watson aaaaall the waaaay :D

    Fine, fine Maria!

  • Annette

    So – fierce! Your wear it so well!

  • Bobi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these styles! You give so many wonderful ideas for the cut….great cut for you by the way!

  • Lyn Leahz

    Hey Maria..I’m sorry. I saw your post on a forum about the header disappearing (a few years ago) and now, suddenly, mine just disappeared on two of my three blogs. It’s in my edit area (my headers) but they just won’t show. How long did it take for yours to reappear? It’s only on my Lyn Leahz site and my Promise Book site, but my VineofLife site is fine.

    • Maria

      Hi Lyn!

      If I remember correctly, I actually never solved the problem, but just chose a different theme (which solved the problem). I hope you’ve found an answer to your issue by now :)

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  • Joana

    Can I just say how BRILLIANT this post is?? I never knew what to do with my hair when I had a pixie… now I’m considering cutting it short again just to try out these hairstyles!! :D Thank you!! Btw, you look super pretty!!!

    • Maria

      Hurrah! I felt the world could use a blog post that showed how truly versatile a pixie can be. I’ve even discovered a few more since I wrote this post :D Thank you for your sweet words.

  • Samantha Pulici

    I really like these styles, and her style, but the eyebrows are too big in my opinion and distracting from her beauty.

    • Maria

      I’m glad you like the hairstyles! As for the brows, well, that’s just how they grow, and I’m quite fond of them :)

      • Emily

        I actually came to say how much I absolutely adore your eyebrows :)

        • Amelia

          Me too, completely! I think thick eyebrows are so beautiful. Love your pixie, too – mine is growing out a bit awkwardly right now, and I’ve been feeling down on it, but I think I just need a trim, and some style inspirations – which I found here!

          Love your blog :)

  • Jyl

    I love styles 1, 3, 6 and 7! Great cut and so daring to cut your hair short. :))

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  • Adrienne

    Love your photo of sleep Emma Watson-esque style on you – really feminine, stylish and chic.

    I’m having ym long hair cut this afternoon and going back to super short pixie cut – SOOOoo looking forward to the change. I have felt more feminine, strong, empowered and sexy with pixie hair so looking forward to the change.

    Thanks for your blog – inspiring.

    ~ Adrienne

  • Adrienne

    Ooops – It’s meant to say “sleek”, not sleep!

  • Steffie

    This post, and really all of your pixie posts, FINALLY pushed me over the edge to deciding on getting a pixie. You have a very similar face shape to mine, and your hair type is very similar.

    Thank you! I’m finally getting over the insecurity that just because I don’t have a waif-ishly thin look means I can’t pull of a pixie. Yours looks amazing!

  • Terra


    I find your posts about pixies so empowering! I recently joined the “pixie club” and I especially love your scarf headband look!

    Could you explain or maybe even show how you tied it that way?? In fact, I’d love to see a post about scarf tying in general, if you have any other ideas to offer!:)

    Thanks for your pixie posts! Keep ‘em coming!!

    • Maria

      Hi Terra, thank you for your sweet words :D That scarf was tied in the simplest way possible, really: folded on the diagonal, then rolled as thin as I wanted it (about 3-5 cm), tied with a double know in the front, and then I let the ends “follow” the scarf back towards my ears, and just tucked the ends in. A post on scarf tying might be fun, I’ll put it on my list!

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  • Nicole

    I got my pixie yesterday, very much like yours but shorter at the back and sides, think Audrey Hepburn meets Ginnifer Goodwin. I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration and also giving me the courage to go through with it. I’m only 19, but I wish I had done this ages ago. Ive only had it 24 hours and am already noticing a difference in the way clothes/makeup looks on me, and I just cant stop playing with it! :) I plan on trying all of these stellar examples on my own hair :) You rock! Much love from a little brunette in a little town at the bottom of Australia xx

  • Katharine

    I love your hair. And your eyebrows.

    Do you think having a pixie cut would suit fine hair?
    I have a bob at the moment and my hair tends to go a little flat on the second day. I’m just worried that the pixie cut will go all flat and weird looking on the second day…

    • Maria

      Oh, a pixie can work very well with fine hair – I actually have very fine individual strands, there are just many of them :) That being said, I find I need to wash my pixie more often than long hair to prevent flatness, but I don’t mind it much.

  • Lyn

    I did it!!! I cut my hair pixie style after i’d read your blog. You gave me confidence, because my face are not tiny, ovals the perfect shape, its square and somewhat short in angle. You are the only one that said different from the rules of thumb that googles carried. My hairdresser thought just the same like you, should have asked her earlier, silly me and my lack of confidence. The result was, why didnt i cut like this sooner?? I’ve posted the photo on my facebook, all my friends said it looks good and suited me. Yayyy :D
    If i didnt find and read your blog probably i still have the same boring long hair that i always tight up everytime i leave the house. So again, keep writing more inspiration stories, love you and thank you!!!

  • Andrea

    My pixie has just reached an impossible length. Not too short, not too long, and I want to grow it out a bit. I have curly hair (but not as much as style 3), so it tends to get all fluffy. I don´t like to wear a lot of product, because I like a natural look (hate waxes and gel).
    What should I do, Maria? Please help!!!

    • Maria

      That growing-out-dilemma is a tricky one. I’m currently letting mine get a bit longer as well, not because I’m growing it out to get long hair again, but just to see how it will look on me. Personally, I find that as long as the hair in my neck/ear area is relatively short, I can keep it much longer on top and still like it :) Also, if you have curly/wavy hair that tends to go fluffy, you might want to do some research on the conditioner-only method of washing your hair. It can do miracles for curly hair, according to the internet; I’ve only got a slight wave to my hair, but I think even I benefit from CO-washing. Good luck, Andrea! :)

  • Rocksalot

    How do you get the Emma Watson style (no 7) to stay flat without it looking greasy or too stuck down? You’ve done it great in the pic!

    • Maria

      I have rather fine hair, and it’s also rather malleable, so the Emma Watson style is pretty much what happens to my hair naturally. After a shower I’ll part it to one side, add a small amount of mousse (I like one called “Vavoom Height of Glam Volumizing Foam” by Matrix), then blow-dry it. I try to make it as sleek as possible while I dry it, and finish with the cold setting on my blow-dryer. Then I’ll comb through it to make it very sleek, and then give just the fringe part a light mist of hair spray. Although I do use two products for this style, I don’t use much of each, so it doesn’t get too heavy. Spraying my fringe area means I don’t have to keep pushing it aside, preventing it from turning greasy during the day. I hope that was helpful! :)

  • Alexandria

    Thank you so so much for such a great post! Ive been looking at your other post on pixie cuts and who can wear them and such and it’s totally eased my mind! I’ve been thinking for years if I should get one (having always had long hair, at one point down to my thighs!) and you’ve totally convinced me. I think it’d give me a confidence boost and if it doesn’t suit then oh we’ll, it can grow! I’m off to the hairdressers on Friday to discuss it! Thank you again for such helpful posts! xx

  • addy

    This is a lovely post! thank you for helping me love my pixie again! Also where did you get your boater? I am a hat person and am looking to add one to my collection.

    • Maria

      My pleasure, addy! The boater was bought in a stall in London, so I doubt you’ll be able to find the exact one I have. Don’t give up on finding one, though; boaters are so lovely :D

  • Joyceline

    Cool styling ideas! I’m thinking about getting a pixie cut soon. My hair has been dyed several times over the last year or so, so I need something “fresh” again. By the way, your eyebrows are amazing.

    • Maria

      I’m glad you like my blog post, Joyceline! And thank you – I’m so glad I decided to grow them out after my super-thin-brows-phase in my teens, and I’m REALLY glad they actually grew back after the way I treated them.

  • Malissa Mobley

    Thanks so much! This is adorable! You look good with each style and it all looks so different!

    • Maria

      Oh, thank you, Malissa! I’m considering doing a second blog post like this, because there are still lots of styling ways I haven’t written about yet. I just need to let my hair grow a little bit longer; I just had it cut super-short, so I’ll need a bit more length to play with :)

  • Mary

    I’ve been wanting a pixie, a longer shaggier one, for a while now. I’ve just been so afraid because I’m a size 14, not a size negative 4. You’re right though, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. This cut would make ME happy, and it’s time I realized that I am the one that matters. So thank you!!

  • Aspen Kaye

    Question: How long is your hair? I have been wanting to grow mine out a tad to give myself more versatility and i really like your length, seems you can do a lot more with it then i can right now.. Thanks!

    • Maria

      Hi Aspen! I’m guessing it was about the same length as mine is right now, which means the longest bits (my fringe/bangs and at the top of my head) are about 8 cm :)

  • Jesse Larson

    Wow, I love your hair so much! It’s stunning on you! I actually just cut my hair about this same length a couple weeks ago and I love it soo much. I’ve been trying to play with different ways to style it and this is the most helpful information I’ve found! Thanks so much for your help :)

    • Maria

      Oh, thank you so much, Jesse :D I was looking for info on ways to style the pixie cut, but couldn’t find much that actually had enough variety, so I decided to just blog about it myself.

    • Maria

      Diana, darling, you were simply born to be a pixie! Thank you so much for showing me how it turned out, it looks fantastic on you :D (and I adore that lipstick, too)

  • Ana Laura

    hello deary! If you don’t mind, may I use one of your photos for a blog entry? :)

  • Lisa Yusoff

    Omg. Thank you very much. People keep discouraging me from chopping my hair off this short. But somehow, umyou showed me that I too can be feminine withh short hair. Thank you so much. Though we’ve never met or anything. I ADORE YOU!

    Xx from Malaysia

  • Jenn

    Love the photos that go with this post. I have a very short hair cut and am growing it out a bit. The first photo of you here is super cute and I am working towards something akin to it.

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  • Georgia

    Thank you so much for this post! It’s super helpful as I just got a pixie cut yesterday and it’s given me some great ideas for styling it. My hair is naturally very curly so it’s versatile to style. I’m considering trying style 7 too when my bags get that little bit longer.

    Thanks again, Georgia x

  • MJ

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you so very much for this.
    Im from South Asia and you if you know the cultural shocks i give my community with my tattoos and dress style you will laugh! I have waist length frizzy, curly/wavy hair which gets frizzier with the humidity in this part of the world. At the end of your blog you listed the signs that one is ready for a pixie cut. And Im all there! My husband has been asking me to cut it pixie for 20 years! yes. We’v been together for 20 years :) our 12th wedding anniversary is coming up so i thought i might surprise him with his favorite look on me. Thank you so much for your blog! Really lifted off weight off my mind..

  • MJ

    Also Im very small structured. I weigh 48kgs and only 5.1 tall. Im 34 and a mom of 2. Im just thinking if the pixie will make me look smaller and immature

    • Maria

      I’m glad you liked my post, MJ! And as for looking small/like a child, I guess there’s always a risk – but really, which hair style is more common among children/teens, a pixie or long hair..? My own face and soft lines sometimes makes me look very young, but after I got that pixie I haven’t ever been asked if I’m paying a child’s or adult’s fee on the bus ;)

  • rhomany

    Getting a pixie first thing tomorrow. Will definitely be referring to this!
    Would be useful if you could find someone to give the same advice from a curly girl’s perspective.

  • Daria

    You are totally gorgeous and the pixie cut fits you perfectly!
    I can only dream about having this short hair – Mine will look like a little lamb since I have them curly and frizzy at the same time :)

    • Maria

      Thank you, Daria! If it’s any consolation, I dream of curls and do what I can to enhance my waves – the grass is always greener, and all that ;)

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  • Hannah

    Hi there! I just had to let you know that I’ve been stalking your blog for the past few weeks, and this post was the final inspiration I needed to go for a pixie. You = gorgeous + stylish.

  • aysha

    i love this! i’m seriously contemplating getting a pixie cut and your posts are pushing it towards a yes c: ((and i love the buffy reference you slipped in there!!!))

    • Maria

      EVERY blog post should have a Buffy reference, if you ask me ;) And good luck if you decide to get that pixie!

  • Cristen

    In style 7 you remind me so much of Carey Mulligan it makes me want to hate you ;) lovely.

    • Maria

      Please excuse me while I get a screenshot of your comment tattooed on my arm. Well, almost. I’ll certainly tattoo it to the inside of my brain, as I adore Carey Mulligan embarrassingly much <3