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posted on: June 12, 2012

I have not edited the colours in any of these photos, only adjusted the exposure slightly as it was getting dark outside.

If you’ve read my post on that awful “makeover” Ingvild and I went to together, you’ll know she’s a real trooper when it comes to trying out beauty treatments here in Oslo (and then letting me blog about it!). This time it’s about bleaching hair – more precisely, getting her roots bleached at Hendrix Hair. As you can see from the pictures, it didn’t go as one should expect, to put it gently.

Now, Ingvild has been in the process of going platinum blonde for some months now. When she made the decision, she was smart and decided to do it gradually, as she didn’t want to damage her hair and scalp too much in the process. After a couple of rounds of home bleaching (with some assistance from yours truly), and then an appointment at Hårny in Harstad, she had pretty much become completely platinum blonde. The very bottom of her hair was still a bit yellow because of previous colouring, but as that could be cut away when the hair grew, it wasn’t a big deal.

When it was time to get her roots done, Ingvild did a lot of research on hairdressers in Oslo. She settled on Hendrix Hair, after reading a lot of recommendations from major Norwegian bloggers (international darlings: that page is in Norwegian, but suffice it to say that these are some of the bloggers in Norway, and they all rave about Hendrix Hair).

The guy doing her hair was called Kim V. She told him she wanted her roots bleached, so she’d be completely platinum blonde again. The procedure itself was… interesting. Ingvild looked like she wanted to laugh and break something simultaneously when she told me about it all later. It started with Ingvild having to brush off a previous client’s hair from the chair before sitting down. The hairdresser applied the bleach unevenly, and then tried to fix it by applying a bit more when he’d really intended to rinse it all out – which explains why it’s so uneven, and why the roots aren’t blonde enough by far (see picture two). Let me remind you that she went there to have her roots done.

When he saw that the roots weren’t white enough, he tried to fix it by using purple shampoo (but you can’t change the paleness, only the tint, of hair using purple shampoo). By this time Ingvild was rather worried, so she told him that her previous hairdressers had used colour corrector after the bleach, and wondered if he was going to do the same. After some rummaging in the back room he found some corrector, and then had to ask a colleague how to use it (apply it to wet hair? Dry hair?). When the corrector was rinsed out, Ingvild still had yellow-ish roots, but now also a purplish halo where her hair had been platinum.

Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes people make mistakes while working. It ought not to happen, but it just does, and I’m willing to forgive people for pretty much anything – as long as they admit their mistake, act as if they’re sorry about it, and then offer a solution. That’s what any professional would do. But Kim didn’t do this.

Instead he acted as though he simply couldn’t see that her hair now had a whole rainbow of different colours (and neither was the colour she had asked for). He said the cool, purplish colour “should fade in time”, and when Ingvild still didn’t act satisfied, he asked her if she wanted him to bleach it again. As Ingvild’s scalp is a bit sensitive and she was worried about the quality of her hair, she said she didn’t think it was such a good idea. His reply? “No, I don’t think so either.” In his own words, his solution simply wasn’t a good idea, and could have caused a lot of damage to his client’s scalp and hair. Well done, mister.

In the end, Ingvild got a 100,- NOK discount on the original 900,- NOK price, and an offer to come back if she still wasn’t happy. She paid in cash, and was then told she couldn’t get a receipt, only his business card. By this time Ingvild was traumatized enough to just want to escape the place, and met me at a café to hear my opinion about it all. We decided the best thing to do was to return the next day (with me as moral support), and ask if it was possible to get (at least a partial) refund. Not only had they not managed to bleach her roots, but they’d also turned her previously platinum hair to a pale purple. The pictures speak for themselves; nobody should have to leave a hair salon looking like that.

I’ll give them this: the girl who worked there the next day was very, very helpful. It took a while to get anyone to help us (there were three clients in the room, but no hairdressers, and nobody showed up when we called hello), but when Ingvild got to explain the problem and show off her hair, the girl promptly offered to call Kim and have him fix it. The thing is, though, when someone has turned your hair yellow and purple, you don’t really want to give them a second go at it, so Ingvild finally asked if it was simply possible to get a refund. She got 500,- NOK back without question (I assume they subtracted the price of the actual bleach and so), and that was the end of it. Ingvild is travelling to Harstad tomorrow, and intend to go back to Hårny to get it done properly.

In short: the hairdresser didn’t know how to bleach roots, didn’t know how to use colour corrector, and behaved unprofessionally when his mistake was pointed out. The bloggers might adore this salon, but if this is how they treat “normal” people, I say stay away.

And Ingvild, thank you so much for letting me write about this, you’re amazing!

EDIT, 22nd of June 2012: The owner of Hendrix Hair has left a comment to this post, you can find it by scrolling down or clicking here.

  • Nina

    Every time I see one of those other bloggers recommend hair studios etc, I always ask myself if it’s really as great as they say it is, as they never have a single negative thing to say about these places. Thank you for showing us that it is not always as perfect as others make it seem!

    • Maria

      You know, when blogs were a rather new concept, one of the things I really liked and valued was getting honest, unbiased reviews from girls just like me. But the way things have developed, I sometimes feel the major bloggers are even less trustable than “normal” advertising. At least with booming TV commercials it’s very obvious they’re just hoping to dull your mind enough to convice you to buy something. I’m glad you liked the post!

  • Ingvild

    Anytime, darling! Nå tør jeg ihvertfall ikke dra tilbake dit ;) Haha!

  • Maja H

    I too have read about this salon through some very well-known bloggers – rave reviews all over. To call this behavior unprofessional would be a complete understatement! What a complete and utter douchebag. I hope this blog post gets a high Google rank, darling. SEO the shit out of it ;)

    • Maria

      Haha, I love how you’re not afraid to just say things the way they are. I always feel a bit mean when writing reviews like this, but it really WAS bad, and someone has to say it.

  • Lu

    Oi. Selv om jeg ikke farger håret og knapt har peiling på hva bleking egentlig er så ser og forstår jeg at dette er virkelig uproft. Jeg må også si at det er sjokkerende at noen som får så mye skryt av bloggkremen heller ikke lever opp til sitt rykte. Dette beviser vel hvordan mange av bloggende dessverre er mer drevet av markedskrefter, gratisvarer og betaling. Og at det dermed er penger snarere enn kvaliteten som gjelder. Synd, da mange leser disse bloggene. Derfor er det, på den andre siden, ypperlig med blogger som din som faktisk skriver om “deres” frisør uten å ta betalt – og forøvrig skriver om andre ting jeg ikke får inntrykk av at de tenker to ganger på (som stoffer, selvtillit). Blogger bør drives av ren interesse – gjerne med en dæsj kunnskap og originalitet. Glad jeg har funnet din, da den lever godt opp til slik. Flere hadde tjent på å lese den!

    • Maria

      Det er så veldig, veldig fint å få bekreftet at dere faktisk ønsker blogger som stemmer med min bloggefilosofi! Selv om jeg ikke tjener noe som helst på denne bloggen (heller tvert imot), verken i form av penger eller ting eller tjenester, så tar jeg den likevel veldig seriøst, og jeg vil at den skal være så profesjonell som mulig. Da er det godt å høre at dere er fornøyde, så tusen takk, Lu :D

  • Ida Sundae

    OMG!! Like Maja I’ve heard about Hendrix Hair all over the blogosphere but now I just laugh at them. Wow…. er det mulig!?!

  • Trajena

    Oh! Poor Ingvild!

    I can’t believe a hairdresser at such a salon would be so clueless. And refusing to give her a receipt? People DO that?! I cannot see how he could expect Ingvild to return to him after clearly showing his incompetence.

    I hope the hair rescue goes well!

    • Maria

      I felt SO bad for her when I met her after that hair appointment – hair is such a big deal for your self-esteem, so when it goes really wrong AND you get treated poorly… not so great. Still, she dealt with it wonderfully, I think, and I’m sure the hairdresser in Harstad can fix it. Fingers crossed!

  • Egwene

    This is … horrifying! I hope “normal” people read this and get a more nuanced perspective on this hair salon! I have heard sosososo much about Hendrix Hair as well, and after this all I can think is that all the positive reviews from the big bloggers in Norway might come from Hendrix Hair giving them special VIP treatment (because I don’t want to believe that all those sweet girls are lying, that would be too sad).

    I love these posts! It is much needed to uncover the truth about these places -or at least offer a different view! You are amazing Maria!!

    • Maria

      There definitely seems to be a huge gap between the way the big bloggers are treated, and the way they handled Ingvild, so I thought it was important to blog about it so possible clients can get a more correct impression of the salon. Thank you so much for your encouragement, darling! <3

  • myldretid

    Takk for ærlige bloggposter!

    Jeg blir alltid skeptisk til produkter når alle side2-bloggerne skryter de opp i skyene, spesielt når innleggene kommer samme dag. Derfor er det deilig å lese poster om at alt ikke er så fantastisk alltid, selv om jeg synes synd på Ingvild som måtte oppleve dette.

  • Ingvild

    Vet du hva, jeg leser hver eneste bloggpost du skriver, og hadde egentlig ikke tenkt å kommentere i dag heller, men det er virkelig forfriskende å slippe skjult reklame i en blogg. Du skriver utrolig bra, jeg elsker å få stiltips fra en som ikke er undervektig. Dessuten er det alltid et pluss å få tips som faktisk funker. Jeg er en sucker for å teste ting som anbefales på blogger, og hadde faktisk vurdert å teste ut denne frisøren fordi det virker som det er så mange bloggere som er fornøyde, men innser at det bare er (igjen) sponsede innlegg. Jeg aner ikke hvem du er, men elsker deg! Klem fra Ingvild.

    • Maria

      Åh, tusen takk! Så koselig at du bestemte deg for å si hei, sånt blir jeg glad av :D *klem tilbake*

  • Ida

    Så utrolig kjedelig å måtte oppleve noe sånt! Kanskje det hadde vært en idé å sende dette innlegget til Hendrix Hair? Den frisøren bør få høre at dette ikke er akseptabelt, og det bør sjefen få vite også (og så syns jeg at Ingvild burde fått full tilbakebetaling, faktisk). Håper hun får rettet det opp igjen!

    Jeg ville bare tilføye til samtalen at jeg er kjempefornøyd med klippen (og prisene) på Hendrix. Det er, hands down, den beste frisøren jeg har vært hos, enda jeg er totalt ukjent i bloggverdenen (det er dog på Frogner-avdelingen). En av bloggerne som anbefaler Hendrix er forøvrig kusinen min, og jeg kan gå god for at hun er genuint veldig fornøyd med både farging og bleking hun har fått utført hos Hendrix Majorstua :-)

    PS: Bloggen din er så bra, og en kjempefin motvekt til det meste andre bloggverdenen har å by på :-D

    • Maria

      Hei Ida! Jeg har vurdert å sende dem linken, men kjenner ikke helt at jeg orker å “ta opp kampen”, hvis du skjønner? Siden Ingvild gikk tilbake for å klage, går jeg ut fra at de har interne rutiner når sånt skjer, så får håpe de tar saken på alvor. Det viktigste for meg var rett og slett å dele Ingvilds historie, spesielt siden man kun får opp side på side med skryt hvis man googler salongen.

      Jeg er uansett glad for at både du og kusinen din er fornøyde – og for at du deler det her! Til syvende og sist har det mest å gjøre med hvilken _frisør_ man går til, ikke først og fremst salongen, og det er fint å høre at Hendrix har flinke frisører også :)

      PS tilbake: tusen takk, det er SÅ godt å få høre at du liker bloggen min <3

  • Hendrix

    Hi Maria!

    I just read your blog post.
    Im the owner of Hendrix Hair Majorstuen and Frogner and I would like to apologize for Ingvilds unfortunate experience in one of my salons.

    I do take all reviews seriously and you should know that im already on top of this situation.
    Since this incident already has occurred, theres nothing i can do with the result, but only try to make things better the next time.
    You(Ingvild) probably have lost all confidence when it comes to our ability to meet your(her) requirements, but it would be rather unfair to leave this matter unsettled without a second chance.
    Yes, im giving you a challenge/opportunity to come back.

    Usually, we refuse payment from unsatisfied costumers or we refund if the transactions already have taken place. So Im not sure why this didnt happen in your situation. Ill look in to it tomorrow.

    Ive accepted the pingback from your blog on our website.
    I havent spoken to Kim V yet, but I intend to as soon as I get the opportunity.

    I have to say though, there are a lot of assumptions in your post as well as in the comments section.
    Let me squash them right now: we dont give VIP treatment to the blogers and they dont get paid. They rather sample our products and services. I would assume that this is a common practice in all kinds of thriving businesses.
    But we do make mistakes and its soaringly unfair to assume that just from this post that all of my employees and incompetent. You might as well say that all jews are greedy and all blacks are criminals if you happen to catch the news. Yes it would be unfair, but then again you dont have to.

    When i started my business just over a year ago, I had and still have the best intentions towards the consumers, but it kind of hurts to hear that people who have never been in my salons and only heard of me and business through blogs would want to assume that all the recommendations are false. As if many people just want to justify the mistrust and disbelief they have in successful businesses.

    So dont hide behind an opinion, be opinionated!

    PS. I do appreciate the feedback.

    • Maria

      Hello Hendrix!

      Thank you for commenting, it’s great to see that you pay attention to what is written online about your business. I’m sure all my readers will appreciate that you responded to my post, and that you’re taking this incident seriously. As for your challenge/opportunity, Ingvild has already had her hair fixed at another salon, so I don’t think she’ll be coming back to Hendrix Hair, unfortunately. It might be perceived as unfair, but I think Ingvild has every right to choose not to come back, and shouldn’t feel bad for not taking you up on your challenge.

      With regards to to the rest of your comment, I have to say I disagree with you on a few points. I don’t think I make a lot of assumptions in my post; I was very careful not to do that, as I hadn’t been a customer at your salon myself. I therefore focused on the facts, the basic string of events. I also sent my text to Ingvild for approval, so that she could correct me if I’d gotten anything wrong.

      As for the things that are a bit more of a subjective experience, such as the way Kim V. behaved when Ingvild wasn’t satisfied, they were harder for me to write about as I wasn’t present when it all happened. All I know is that Ingvild was very upset when I met her right after her appointment, and that she felt she hadn’t been treated with proper respect and understanding. For me, that is even worse than that the actual procedure wasn’t a success. As I mentioned in my post, I have very much understanding for the fact that mistakes do happen – but I then expect staff to deal with this in a professional manner.

      Concerning the opinions stated by my readers (help me out here if I’m wrong guys!), I really don’t think they’re negative because they distrust successful businesses. I just think that the blogger/business-relationship is still such a new thing that there are some kinks to be worked out, and that so far, there haven’t been enough guidelines and rules for how such a collaboration ought to be done to ensure openness and honesty. Both the blogsphere and the news in general have paid a lot of attention to this the past few years, and everyone seems to agree that when businesses work with bloggers, it is a form of advertising just like print ads or TV commercials. This has not always been obvious to readers of blogs, though, and many of them are now sceptical in general because their trust in bloggers might have been broken in the past.

      Personally, I have no problem believing that all the bloggers that recommended Hendrix Hair were genuinely pleased with their appointments. I don’t doubt that you, the owner of the business, has all the best intentions towards your customers. But when bloggers get their hair done for free, it IS a kind of VIP-treatment, even if they’re not paid to write about it. Also, when there is such a big difference – both in the final result and in the way they were treated – between a blogger and a non-blogger, I don’t think it’s very strange that people become a bit provoked. Businesses working with bloggers in this manner is indeed a common practice, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable that blog readers don’t blindly trust this kind of advertising any more. I certainly don’t think it is at all comparable to racism.

      Still, thank you for dropping by and letting us know your thoughts, I appreciate that. I have updated my post so that new readers will know there is a reply from you here in the comments’ section.

  • hilde christina


    jeg tenker at vis ikke bloggere blir sponset hadde de ikke hatt muligheten til å teste å prøve ut ulike ting så lesere kan få tips GRATIS

    At de blir sponset ( og at det oppfattes som negativt) er ren sjalusi..
    blader å magasiner koster mye penger. mote bloggere er gratis for lesere, og fylt med insprasjon.. det er cool

    • Maria

      Jeg er enig med deg i at det kan være kjempenyttig at bloggere får teste ut ting, og at de så kan fortelle om opplevelsen sin til leserne – så lenge de likevel er (og har lov til å være) ærlige :)

  • Maja

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you friend Ingvild isn’t the only person who’s had a pretty bad experience at Hendrix Hair. I just so happened to have one myself this week, at the very same salon, though with a different hairdresser, which I wrote about here: http://bluejeanbruises.com/2012/07/10/bad-hair-day/

    Since I sent a pretty livid e-mail to Hendrix Hair about this, I’ve actually gotten an apology via text-message from the hairdresser in question, with an offer of free hair products as “compensation”. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what to think about that latter part, though.

  • Siv

    Off. That’s all.

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