Polyvore: the summer wedding

posted on: May 28, 2012

My dear friend Ingvild is going to her brother’s wedding this summer, and asked me to help her with her outfit. I spotted this dress at Oasis, and thought of Ingvild the moment I saw it (it can also be found at ASOS for a much more affordable price than in the Oasis stores in Oslo, by the way).

Ingvild loves that 50’s silhouette, with a fitted waist and a full skirt, and I knew the colours would suit her. It’s mostly cotton, so it will be nice and cool, which is important for summer events. There is a cut-out in the back (you can see the top part on the picture), but it’s not so low you can’t wear a bra underneath. The question now is how to style it, so I made some polyvores – with a song for each outfit as well, to set the mood.

All polyvores by me, and linked.

This is the slightly rebellious look. Not so much that it upsets grandmothers or steals the thunder from the bride, just enough to play against the sweetness of the dress. Also, I cannot properly express how much I love those shoes. Such a wide ankle strap would never work on me, but Ingvild’s insane legs can pull off anything. For the ceremony itself I’d add a waist-length, white cardigan, as it’s good manners to cover one’s shoulders in church.

This is definitely 50’s-inspired, and Gwen’s hair and makeup would work wonderfully on Ingvild. The bright red of the bag could be too much for those official group wedding photos, but that’s easily solved by not wearing the bag while they’re taken. Without the bag the look is more muted, but still not close to being boring. The scarf can work as a wrap while in church, and to keep the hair in place if it’s a windy day.

Un peu français, non? A carefree mix of metals and textures and expressions, all done in a light, happy way. I wish the shops would make more items like that chiffon blouse/shawl/cape-like thing, as it’s more dressed-up than a plain ol’ cardigan. A lot of mascara is needed for this look, though, as the rest of the outfit is so pale.

Finally, a not-so-traditional take on pastels and patterns. But Maria, you say, can one really mix three different patterns in one outfit? Well, of course you can! Who’s going to stop you? The secret to a harmonious mix is simply to keep it in the same colour palette, like these romantic pinks and blues. No other accessories than a magical nail polish and some glittering earrings are needed.

I’m sure Ingvild would love it if you left a comment and told us your favourite!

  • Egwene

    I loved the “kissing me” set -but I would have worn some sparkly heels (like the ones you got in blue, but in silver/gray) instead of flats. :) This is a great ensemble of pretty looks for a summer wedding -or just a summer event in general! Have I told you that I love your Polyvores? I think I have, but again, I LOVE your Polyvores.

    • Maria

      Oh, thank you, kitten! I’ve only been to a single wedding (Ingvild’s), actually, but it was really lovely. There ought to be more reasons to dress up, I think!

  • Maja H

    These are so so wonderful, Maria! Like Egwene, I adore your Polyvore posts :) I also love “kissing me” and I think the sparkling flats are what sets the whole thing off. He’s not a boy is super-cool, and as I told you when we chatted earlier, I would have never thought of that combination myself. I’m going to steal the feel of that set for a certain 90-year celebreation in two weeks, I think ;)

    But really, all four sets are splendid!

    Also kids, DID YOU KNOW you can hire Maria to do this for you and come with you when you go shopping? If you live in Oslo I’d recommend you to consider it ;)

  • Ingvild

    Wow! What to choose, what to choose… I love them all! You are wonderful!
    And yes, I too recommend Maria as a “go-with-you-when-you´re-shopping-person”. She´s great at what she does <3

  • Lu

    Fryktelig fine, alle sammen. Min favoritt er nok den med sølvskoene og bluse-kappe-sjalet. Superfint. (Og Daenerys gjorde mitt fantasyhjerte ekstra fornøyd.) Jeg liker også hvordan du holder alle antrekkene relativt enkle, de er liksom ikke nedlasset med tilbehør – men akkurat nok til å gjøre dem fantastiske. Inspirerende.

    • Maria

      Fine kommentaren! Og ekstra gøy at du nevnte det med tilbehør – jeg ELSKER tilbehør, særlig sånt som har fine detaljer og som er… spesielt på noe vis. Men hvis det blir for mye av det så får det ikke oppmerksomheten det fortjener, og dermed blir hele poenget borte. Jeg er glad du liker filosofien min :)

  • Kristin

    I’ll have to agree with the others – the “kissing me” was absolutely stunning! Very feminine and charming, but not too cute ;) Love it!

    …and now I’m seriously considering hiring you for some fashion consulting next time I’m in Oslo! You sure know your craft :D

    • Maria

      It’s funny you all like the “kissing me”-outfit, as I was a tiny bit worried it might be too… unusual for most of you. I guess my readers are even more adventurous than I thought – cheers to that!

      I plan to write a blog post sometime next week about me as a stylist and the jobs I do, so keep an eye out. And you can always just send me and e-mail, of course :D

  • Annette

    Oh the ‘Kissing me’ outfit or ‘He’s not a boy’! So pretty both of them! Sigh, I wish I had a summer wedding to go to, they’re always so lovely :)

    • Maria

      Thank you! And I know, there should be a wedding to go to every week! Or a public hey-let’s-get-dressed-up-occasion, at the very least :D

  • J.

    Kissing me looks cool. I usually just wear my bunad to weddings, but if I didn’t have one I’d probably wear one of these looks. :)

    • Maria

      I have a bunad, too, actually, but I think I’d melt in mine if I wore it to a summer wedding here in the south of Norway. They’re excellent for chilly winters, though, with all that wool :D And I’m glad you liked my outfits, darling.

  • Ann-Iren Hansen

    I love the “he’s not a boy” look! It’s soft and hard at the same time. The shoes are beautiful! :) Good job Maria!!

    • Maria

      Hey stranger! How sweet of you to drop by :D and thank you, I think we’re both fans of that hard/soft-combination.

  • Trajena

    Oh wow! These are all so beautiful! I’m going to have to look up that dress. oh to be a blond.

    As for my favourites, I really liked “Kissing Me”. I may be bending to popular opinion but that shawl makes the whole outfit seem more formal especially when added to that rolled hairstyle. The glitter shoes keep it from being too fancy ;)

    However, my first pick is “Comme des Enfants”. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it, but I personally love the different pastel colours and mixed floral prints. There is a lot going on but never feels busy or looses the delicate feel. Paired with comparatively simple hair and my dream shoes, it’s a wonderful outfit that I’m going to fail to imitate all summer.

    Either way, Ingvild will look Beautiful! Congratulations on your brother’s wedding!

    • Maria

      I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try going blonde, but I have a feeling it would look horrible. Also, as my hair is so dark and grows so fast, I’d probably go both broke and bald trying to maintain it :( That dress, though, is even prettier in real life than in the pictures, so I definitely recommend it! And I’m seriously thinking of DIY-ing something like that shawl from the “kissing me”-outfit.

      As for “comme des enfants” – I think that is Ingvild’s favourite as well, so you’re not completely alone ;)

      • Ingvild

        Yep! I think the “comme des enfants” is my favourite :) Now, if I could only have her hair!