MAC Venomous Villains – Violetta

posted on: May 6, 2012

Oh, Cookie! When I sent you that e-mail with that link, I was hoping you’d get me this for my birthday in August. To get it just a few days after I’d e-mailed you, as a “just because”-present… you’re too sweet, you really are.

I’m lucky to have a sister who gets me so well, and don’t think I’m not super-grateful, kid! Also, I like that you’re just as much of a Disney fan as me, and completely agree that the evil guys are always the coolest, and that Maleficent is pretty much as evil as they get.

It takes a special kind of girl to understand how I can actually need a purple lipstick in my life. But you do, and I love you for that (and other stuff, too, of course). Thank you so much, you clever little minx.

  • Maja H

    That color is gorgeous on you! I’m nowhere near as big a Disney fan as you two are, but this is still the kind of product I could buy for the packaging alone. I used to have such a thing for purple lip stick and lip glosses in my teens, but then I somehow got convinced it was unfashionable and stuck to my pinks. I definitely need some super-berry goodness in my life, too ;)

    • Maria

      Thank you! You know me, I need a dose of Disney pretty much every day, or I’ll get… well, even MORE depressed :p And a berry-something _would_ make a lovely addition to your makeup bag, but I’m still pleased with you buying that lip tint last time you were in Oslo. My little girl is growing up!

  • Gitte

    Å, så herlig! Uventede pakker er virkelig fantastisk. Tøff leppestift – i farge og innpakning og alt!

    Jeg satt faktisk nettopp og hørte på denne: Som Disney-fan gjør den meg rett og slett glad og nostalgisk.

    • Maria

      Gitte, kjære, nå er jeg ganske målløs. Den videoen er… jah. Du har jo sett den, så da trenger jeg nok ikke forklare. TUSEN TAKK for at du viste den til meg! For en genial fyr.

  • Cindy

    Søt-poeng tel ho Miriam